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Everyone’s learned by now that there’s more to YouTube than just uploading content. If you don’t upload it with the correct metadata, it’s not so easy or obvious how to fix it. Sometimes it’s because it wasn’t uploaded correctly, or because a new distributor or publisher is handling your repertoire and simply pushed out everything again without checking to make sure everything was in order. 

And there are plenty of channels who’s creators aren’t earning what they could be because they don’t know what the next steps are to fix it all. When InnerCat manages a channel, we start by going through all of your content to see what’s missing or incorrect, and we’ll help you fix it. We also ensure that all claims are handled immediately and you’re monetizing any user-generated content that’s using your copyright-protected content.

700 million active users

We’ll keep your channel up to date and in great shape for every new piece of content you release. That also means branding and banners, designed in-house if you need it, and bringing your channel into InnerCat’s own Multi-Channel Network, which at the moment reaches over 700 million active users – and increases the ad revenue for your channel.

What makes us different?

MCN (Multi Channel Network) with over 700 million active users
Over 20 million Watched Minutes
Over 2 billion Streams
Over 200 YouTube Subscriber Awards earned for clients
Our team is a Google-certified digital agency

InnerCat Music Group