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Paris Cabezas

Paris Cabezas

InnerCat’s newest division, InnerCat Films, was created to close the circle of what it takes to develop artists and expand creative opportunities. InnerCat Films equips itself with state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, and lighting from industry leading companies like RED Digital Cinema, Sony, Arri, Cooke, and Angenieux. With the direct support of our in-house production staff, we truly serve as a one-stop-shop for artists and labels.

Triste y Vacia 

Jamby El Favo 

Que Manera De Quererte

Albita, Gilberto Santa Rosa

Antes y Después


For Sale

Gilberto Santa Rosa 

Cartas Sobre La Mesa

Gilberto Santa Rosa 

La Receta


Donde Estás

Jamby El Favo, Blessd 

Gucci En Mis Pies

Ele A El Dominio 

InnerCat Music Group