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Besides talent and production, marketing is the key component in turning an artist into a star. It amplifies your hard work and talent to millions of potential fans. Before the Internet Age, this would have just included DJs, radio stations, television and industry press. Today, it consists of Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and building an audience on major digital music platforms. Digital marketing has undoubtedly changed the terrain of the music industry. The key is not to view it as a great unknown but instead as a huge opportunity waiting for pioneering artists and their teams to take advantage of.


We develop marketing plans with a focus on digital engagement. The end game is to develop informed strategies that help artists amplify their brand and develop/renew an engaged audience across all digital channels.
Our digital team is Google-Certified and specializes in music. We are involved at every stage of campaign planning and execution to ensure, above all, engagement and growth.


We believe that data is the foundation of learning and evolution.
InnerCat Music’s digital team is constantly developing tools for measurement and analytics that range from custom landing pages to Google Analytics 360 dashboards. We provide our clients with real-time access to insights during the campaign execution.


It makes sense to target fans who have already expressed interest in your music rather than pitching to someone who is not familiar with it. We call this” the low hanging fruit”. To achieve that goal we use remarketing audience groups that are constantly updated from the traffic on our 170 million+ user network.
Remarketing is the process of putting the right content in front of a pre-defined audience based on their previous interactions. Our remarketing tools give you a better way to drive engagement and content awareness.

Creative Problem Solvers at the Core | Lovers of Technology and Innovation

Creators of Supreme Digital Content

From custom landing pages and apps to video teasers and social content, the InnerCat graphic production team breathes life into ideas that become great conceptual campaigns. Our mission is to collaborate in the creative process to develop the highest quality output. We do not simply manage campaigns – we partner with our clients to push ideas further and bring them to life in the best possible way.

Digital Product Innovators | Architects of User Experiences

Digital Solutions Enablers

InnerCat Music Group employs a mix of rapid prototyping with fast and cascading workflows to bring experiences to life on budget and on time. We have expertise building and deploying sites in enterprise CMS structures as well as more popular platforms such as Umbraco, WordPress, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS. We are also certified in .NET, Angular, Python, PHP & NodeJS.

If you can think it, we can design it!

InnerCat Music Group